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Terms of service

1. Pick-Up


Customers vehicle must be picked up within 5 business days (after the 1st available pick-up day mentioned in the contract) by the Carrier selected by the Colibri Auto Transport, or the Customer has the right to cancel this contract without penalties of any kind. 


2. Responsibility for Vehicle Release


It is the Customers responsibility that the vehicle is released to the Carrier in a timely and/or agreed upon fashion. If there is a delay including but not limited to storage, auction, port, towing, mechanical, scheduling and/or personal problems, Customer may be responsible or a Cancellation Fee, and/or a Dry Run Fee of $200. 


3. Deposit Payment


Once the vehicle is picked up, the deposit amount is due and charged to the credit card on file. 


4. Rescheduling Policy


If for any reason Customer needs to change the pick-up date or delivery date or any other item on the order, and the Carrier has already been dispatched, Customer may be liable for a Rescheduling Fee. Colibri Auto Transport will make all possible attempts to make changes without Customer incurring this charge, but if it is inevitable the charge stands. 


5. Payment Terms Change


If for any reason the Customer decides to change the payment terms after the contract has already been signed, there might be a Payment Change Fee. 


6. Important: Bill of Lading and Condition Report

*THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY It is the Customer's responsibility to request the bill of lading at the pick-up and request a condition report. Carrier might not offer this service, and if it is not completed and/or there is a claim, we are not responsible and shall not be held liable for any damages and/or losses. It is the Customer's responsibility to mark all damages and keep a copy of the report until the final delivery. The damage report is the most essential document to have and/or file for reimbursement from Carrier's insurance. This contract is subject to all terms and conditions of Carrier's bill of lading and liability exclusions therein. Colibri Auto Transport has no responsibility and/or liability for any damage to vehicle(s) and/or contents of said vehicle(s) during transport or at any other time. The vehicle is insured by the Carrier's insurance policy. 


7. Vehicle Modifications Notification


It is the Customer's responsibility to inform Colibri Auto Transport of any modifications on the transported vehicle, that makes the size and/or weight differ from manufacturer specifications, to avoid an excessive weight fee. 


8. Carrier Assignment


Colibri Auto Transport reserves the right to assign a Carrier to the Customer's order without any prior notification or confirmation. Colibri Auto Transport will, however, make an attempt to inform the Customer of any changes to the order as they occur. 


9. Contract Termination Option


Colibri Auto Transport reserves the right to opt out of this contract at any time with or without notice if unable to locate a Carrier for the original price the Customer was quoted. Due to ever-changing and shifting auto transportation landscape, Carrier availability and pricing are subject to change; if this happens, Colibri Auto Transport will make all possible efforts to locate a secondary option for Customer's consideration.

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